What our customers expect

  • The ability to address all stakeholders expectations ( like the financial community, NGO and governments) to be a sustainable worldwide partner.
  • Conduct of our business with the highest ethical standards and a strong sense of social responsibility
  • Compliance with the highest worldwide standards

Our answer

  • ST's commitment to sustainability is strongly embedded in the company values. It started with the ST Total Quality Management (TQM) in the 90’s and has evolved to the Sustainable Excellence culture.
  • Our Sustainable Excellence Principles are shared throughout the company, reflecting our leadership when facing the future challenges of a changing environment:
  • Integrity: we conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, honor our commitments, deliver as per our promises, remain loyal and fair and stand up for what is right.

  • People: we behave with openness, trust and simplicity; we are ready to share our knowledge, encourage everyone’s contribution, and stimulate our people through empowerment, teamwork and training.

  • Excellence: we strive for quality and customer satisfaction and create value for all our partners; we are flexible, encourage innovation, develop our competences, seek responsibility and are accountable for our actions.

  • We are committed to sustaining a high level of product innovation with a particular focus on delivering solutions that help enrich people’s lives, make society work better, and protect the planet (energy consumption, ecological footprint etc).
  • ST is certified ISO 14001, OHSAS. ST is an active member of the EICC