Consumers have even increasing expectations for their household appliances in terms of reliability, energy and water efficiency, noise generation and of course functionalities.

ST’s deep knowledge of motor control subsystems and range of power switching components enable us to propose complete solutions for these applications.

Connected smart appliances and the free-roaming “robots” are the new frontier of household appliances.

ST’s product portfolio includes complete solutions for most common motor driving subsystems:

  • Motor control for three-phase motors
  • Motor control for universal motors
  • Motor control for brushed DC motors

Key enabling products for other common subsystems include:

  • Control Unit: STM32 32 bit ARM Cortex®, STM8 8-bit MCUs
  • Power Supply: AC/DC monolithic converters, DC/DCs and battery management and chargers, power MOSFETs, ultrafast and Schottky rectifiers
  • Sensors: Motion MEMS sensors and Environmental sensors (humidity, pressure, temperature)
  • Connectivity: solutions for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC/RFID, power line modem (PLM)
  • User interfaces: LED array drivers
  • Dedicated products: IGBTs, IPMs, Intelligent Power Switches (IPS) actuators, Thyristors (SCR) and protection devices

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