Off-grid solar architecture is characterized as having no connection to the grid and as having a single battery or an array of batteries to supply the load when solar energy is not present. This system is composed of three main functional blocks.

  • The junction box, present in each solar panel, implements the essential bypass functionality.
  • The MPPT charge controller implements the DC-DC power conversion with MPPT and battery charge capability.
  • The inverter implements the power conversion stages (DC-DC and DC-AC) and the communication capability.

The block diagram will help you make the right choice for each functional block from a wide range of recommended products..


Technical Documentation

Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN2794 AN2794: 1 kW dual stage DC-AC converter based on the STP160N75F3 2.1 3 MB
AN4395 AN4395: Autonomous wireless multi-sensor node powered by PV cells and based on SPV1050 (SPIDEr™) 1.0 2 MB
AN4394 AN4394: Evaluation board for SPV1050 ULP harvester (boost architecture) 2.0 534 KB
AN4397 AN4397: Evaluation board for SPV1050 ULP harvester (buck-boost architecture) 2.0 584 KB
AN4242 AN4242: New generation of 650 V SiC diodes 1.2 2 MB
AN4396 AN4396: STEVAL-ISV021V1, energy harvesting system based on SPV1050, PV panel and battery 1.0 754 KB

Presentations & Training Material

Description Version Size
ST products and solutions for solar energy 5.1 2 MB

Publications and Collaterals

Description Version Size
Brochure Power management guide 05.2016 4 MB
Products and solutions for solar energy 1.0 1 MB
Magazine Articles
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ST MEMS accelerometers to meet new Safety and Security requirements in the PV world 1.0 174 bytes
Stepper Motor Controller/Driver Simplifies Stepper Motor System 1.0 207 bytes