The microinverter-based architecture is composed of two main functional blocks connected as shown in the picture.

  • The microinverter implements, at panel level, the power conversion stages (DC-DC with MPPT and DC-AC), the communication capability and the connection to the AC grid. In this way, each panel is connected in parallel directly to the AC grid.
  • The data concentrator collects the data (voltage value, current value, etc.) from all the microinverters and sends it to a local or remote monitoring and control access point.

This architecture has the following benefits:

  • more energy production: the MPPT at panel level maximizes system energy production
  • communication and monitoring capabilities at panel level
  • more flexibility: the installed capacity can be expanded over the time
  • the best reliability: the failure of one microinverter does not compromise system energy production

The block diagram will help you make the right choice for each functional block from a wide range of recommended products.


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