Governments and power companies across the world have recognized that the traditional grid, which has not
significantly changed in 100 years, must be replaced by more efficient, flexible and intelligent energy-distribution networks, called smart grids. These are digitally monitored, self-healing energy systems that deliver electricity or gas from generation sources, including distributed renewable sources, to points of consumption. They optimize power delivery and facilitate two-way communication across the grid, enabling end-user energy management, minimizing power disruptions and transporting only the required amount of power. The result is lower cost to the utility and the customer, more reliable power, and reduced carbon emissions.

At STMicroelectronics, we offer a complete set of semiconductor products to implement energy, water, heat and gas meters, as well as concentrators or multi utility controllers. The portfolio includes power-line modems, 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers, 32-bit microprocessors, ASSPs for metrology, real-time clocks, EEPROMs, power supply products and security products.