For power levels above 100-150 watts, the state-of-the-art topology is based on a boost converter (power factor controller, or PFC) working in fixed off time or in transition mode and an inverter composed of a full bridge that drives the lamp with a low-frequency square wave. This limits the lamp current during the warm-up phase and controls the lamp power during the run phase. ST's innovative design and technologies, combined with system know-how, are supported with dedicated demonstration boards. The kits allow customers to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the product, and then to use the base hardware/software design as a starting point for their own project development.


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AN4363 AN4363: How to select the Triac, ACS, or ACST that fits your application 2.0 362 KB
AN4606 AN4606: Inrush-current limiter circuits (ICL) with Triacs and Thyristors (SCR) and controlled bridge design tips 2.0 1009 KB