To ensure the lowest system cost, engineering teams working on off-line led lighting for general illumination challenge the needs of non isolated solutions which greatly simplify the design and the production of magnetic components. Along the wide spectrum of applications, ranging from the LED retrofit bulb to LED street lighting, STMicroelectronics offers a wide range of products and solutions for non isolated topologies. In particular, the power stage architecture, with or without power factor correction is controlled in order to get the highest efficiency, and the voltage and current regulation is performed with superior accuracy in order to guarantee precise light intensity.


Technical Documentation

Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN4376 AN4376: 10 W wide range non-isolated high power factor LED driver using HVLED815PF 1.0 3 MB
AN3111 AN3111: 18 W single-stage offline LED driver 2.2 798 KB
AN2811 AN2811: 3.5 W non-isolated offline constant-current LED driver based on VIPER17 1.2 1 MB
AN3410 AN3410: A 93% efficient LED driver solution for the US market 1.1 1 MB
AN2983 AN2983: Constant current inverse buck LED driver using L6562A 1.3 1 MB
AN4710 AN4710: HVLED001 – QR high power factor flyback controller for LED drivers 1.0 1 MB
AN4932 AN4932: HVLED001A - enhanced QR high power factor flyback controller for LED drivers 1.0 1 MB
AN3009 AN3009: How to design a transition mode PFC pre-regulator using the L6564 4.3 546 KB
AN3256 AN3256: Low-cost LED driver for an A19 lamp 1.2 939 KB
AN2928 AN2928: Modified buck converter for LED applications 1.5 219 KB
AN2961 AN2961: STEVAL-ILL026V1 non-isolated 3 W offline LED driver based on the VIPER22A-E 1.2 340 KB
AN1916 AN1916: VIPower: offline constant current LED driver using VIPer12/22A 4.5 614 KB

Presentations & Training Material

Description Version Size
Smart street lighting solutions 2.1 1 MB

Publications and Collaterals

Description Version Size
48 V, 130 W high-efficiency SMPS for LED street lighting 1.1 256 KB
HVLED805 on -chip solution for LED driving 2.1 3 MB
One-chip LED driving solution with high power factor 1.0 1 MB
Description Version Size
Brochure Power management guide 05.2016 4 MB