In the field of clinical diagnostic and therapy solutions, ST proposes solutions for:-

  •  Clinical diagnostics and patient monitoring applications for storing and communicating data
  •  AEDs with features such as display control, data logging, and voice processing
  •  Therapy solutions such as respirator aids and infusion pumps typically require more intelligent devices with increased flexibility. 

These devices must be able to deliver highly reliable and precise results while performing complex calculations on massive amounts of information. ST offers many integration options with its families of low power, high-performance 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers based upon the ARM Cortex M0, M3 and M4 processor cores.
ST’s other advanced technologies address other critical features such as enabling connectivity, measuring temperature and pressure, and saving power.  Some examples of new devices that can support clinical diagnostics and therapy solutions include

  •  MEMS motion and pressure sensors
  •  Temperature sensors, digital
  •  MEMS microphones
  •  Touch screen controllers. 
  •  RF and Bluetooth communication ICs and modules for connectivity. 
  •  EOS and ESD protection devices
  •  RF Integrated Passive Devices (IPD)
  •  EMI filtering and signal conditioning. 
  •  Integrated diagnostic quality ECG analog front end
  •  Dual interface EEPROMs with RF and I2C interfaces
  •  Power management devices