Remarkable advances are taking place in medical imaging. Ultrasound imaging helps examine anatomical activity within patients. ST provides with a very wide portfolio of products from discretes to 32 bit digital processors and memories that help to further enhance imaging within ultrasound imaging equipments. The block diagram facilitates your selection among a wide selection of recommended applicable products.


Technical Documentation

Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN3961 AN3961: STEVAL-IME003V1 demonstration board based on the STHV748 ultrasound pulser 3.0 2 MB
AN4472 AN4472: STEVAL-IME008V1 evaluation board based on the STHV749 transmission pulser 1.1 6 MB
AN4471 AN4471: STEVAL-IME009V1 evaluation board based on the STHV800 high voltage pulser 1.1 1 MB
AN3240 AN3240: Ultrasound HV pulser demonstration board 1.1 1 MB

Publications and Collaterals

Description Version Size
Semiconductor solutions for healthcare applications 1.0 665 KB
Magazine Articles
Description Version Size
Enabling Technology for Tomorrow’s Ultrasound Imaging 1.0 215 bytes
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