A full-bridge converter drive consists of four power switches used to adjust the motor voltage and polarity using pulse width modulation (PWM). The current can thus be controlled to flow in either direction through the motor windings, allowing the motor to run in both directions.

At lower power levels, ST offers a wide set of monolithic motor drivers which, with a progressive choice of integrated features, embed gate drivers, power transistors, protection functions and even DC-DC converters.

For higher powers, ST’s portfolio includes power transistors and high-voltage gate drivers to implement the required H-bridge. A general-purpose 8-bit microcontroller such as the STM8S can be used to implement these control strategies.



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AN280 AN280: Controlling voltage transients in full-bridge driver applications 3.0 385 KB
AN281 AN281: Driving DC motors 1.1 80 KB
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AN1794 AN1794: PractiSPIN evaluation system configuration and set up guide 2.4 435 KB

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Motor Control Reference Guide 15.10 2 MB
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