Leveraging our long experience in audio ICs, STMicroelectronics provides a very wide range of audio devices suitable both for analog and digital audio applications.

ST covers the full signal chain from microphone through audio processing  and CODECs to high power amplification.

A huge range of amplifiers ranges from simple class AB to highly-efficient analog or digital class D amplifiers, cover power outputs  from a few mW up to hundreds of watts per channel  for both consumer and automotive applications.

The audio processing devices meet the needs of the latest audio equipment, from portable devices to high-end home entertainment systems and flat panel TVs.

  • MEMS microphones
  • Analog and Digital Audio processors and CODECs
  • Class AB power amplifiers
  • Class D power amplifiers
  • Class G and low-power headphone amplifiers
  • Digital input Power amplifiers and subsystems
  • RF Integrated Passive Devices (IPD)
  • EOS & ESD protection devices
  • EMI filtering and signal conditioning.