STMicroelectronics is a leading semiconductor supplier in the mobile industry and provides solutions to both mobile platform suppliers and mobile device manufacturers (OEM/ODM). ST has proven products for the cellular handset and mobile device markets and ships billions of products to the mobile industry every year.
These products include the world's most deployed MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, compasses and inertial modules, state-of-the-art analog and digital MEMS microphones, high-quality audio headphone and speaker amplifiers, touch-sensor controllers with multi-touch capabilities, global Near Field Communication and secure element solutions, a wide RF product offer based on Integrated passive device technology, ESD protection and EMI filtering products (IPAD™), interface devices, level translators, I/O expanders, analog switches, supervisors and smart resets, camera system solutions with image sensors, camera modules and image signal processors, high-efficiency power management devices and innovative lighting management solutions.


Technical Documentation

Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN3299 AN3299: A hardware and software guide for the STMPE801 8-bit port expander Xpander Logic™ 1.1 218 KB
AN4041 AN4041: APWlink+ microphone USB demonstration boards based on the MP34DT01, MP45DT02, or MP34DB01 2.1 1 MB
AN4356 AN4356: Antenna desense on handheld equipment 1.2 1 MB
AN4086 AN4086: Buck voltage regulator using the PM8903 1.0 1 MB
AN4511 AN4511: Common mode filters 2.0 969 KB
AN4143 AN4143: Demonstration board user guidelines for the low voltage high bandwidth STG3220 dual SPDT switch 1.0 250 KB
AN3223 AN3223: Driver for double flash LED with I²C interface 2.1 1 MB
AN3261 AN3261: Dual push-button Smart Reset™ devices with user-adjustable setup delays 1.1 630 KB
AN4541 AN4541: EMI filters for SD3.0 card high-speed SD card protection and filtering devices 1.1 1 MB
AN3141 AN3141: LC filters for mobile phone LCD and camera links 1.1 338 KB
AN2579 AN2579: LIS302DL 3-axis digital MEMS accelerometer translates finger taps into actions 1.2 811 KB
AN2335 AN2335: LIS302DL: 3-Axis - ±2g/±8g digital output ultracompact linear accelerometer 2.4 451 KB
AN2768 AN2768: LIS331DL 3-axis digital MEMS accelerometer: translates finger taps into actions 1.1 815 KB
AN2960 AN2960: LIS331DL: 3-axis - ±2 g /±8 g digital output ultra compact linear accelerometer 1.1 446 KB
AN4540 AN4540: MHL link filtering and protection 1.1 2 MB
AN3050 AN3050: STBP120 overvoltage protection device 1.1 902 KB
AN2865 AN2865: STUSBCD01B configuration and operation 1.1 206 KB
AN3395 AN3395: Sensing resistor selection and usage in STC310x battery monitoring applications 1.2 149 KB
AN3192 AN3192: Using LSM303DLH for a tilt compensated electronic compass 1.1 762 KB
AN2504 AN2504: Using STMicroelectronics voltage detectors 1.2 124 KB
AN2760 AN2760: Using clock distribution circuits in smart phone system design 1.2 210 KB
AN3064 AN3064: Using the STC3100 battery monitor for gas gauge applications 1.1 295 KB
AN3271 AN3271: Using the STM6600, STM6601 smart push-button on/off controller 2.0 1 MB
Technical Notes & Articles
Description Version Size
TA0328 TA0328: Display and camera ESD protectionin 3G handsets 1.1 222 KB

Publications and Collaterals

Description Version Size
MEMS and Sensors, Smart solutions for IoT and enhanced user experience 1 MB
ST’s solutions for mobile devices 3.2 3 MB
Magazine Articles
Description Version Size
Geo-magnetic sensors: propelling disruptive consumer apps 1.0 188 bytes