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AN4077 AN4077: 100 W transition-mode PFC pre-regulator with the new L6564H 1.0 1 MB
AN4209 AN4209: Design methodology for repetitive voltage suppressors (RVS) in repetitive mode: STRVS 2.1 647 KB
AN4006 AN4006: Designing a high-efficiency (60 W on 4 pairs) PoE converter using the PM8803 and an external current booster 1.0 3 MB
AN4106 AN4106: EVLVIP26L-12WFN: 12 V/12 W, 60 kHz non-isolated flyback 1.0 3 MB
AN4564 AN4564: Is a positive power supply mandatory for my application, or could a negative output work also? 1.0 384 KB
AN4165 AN4165: STEVAL-ISA111V1: 12 V / 12 W, 115 kHz non-isolated flyback 2.0 2 MB
AN4116 AN4116: STEVAL-ISA112V1: 12 V/4 W, 115 kHz non-isolated flyback 1.0 3 MB
AN4164 AN4164: STEVAL-ISA113V1: 12 V/4 W, 115 kHz non-isolated flyback 1.0 5 MB
AN4345 AN4345: STEVAL-ISA119V1: 1.5 W double output buck product evaluation board based on the VIPER16LD 1.0 2 MB

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Brochure Power management guide 05.2016 4 MB
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High input voltage power supply design idea 1.0 185 bytes
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