The power factor corrector (PFC) preregulator, located between the front-end rectifier bridge and the input filter capacitor of an offline converter, provides a quasi-sinusoidal current from the mains in phase with the line voltage. In such way, a high power factor (PF) value (>0.9) and low input current harmonic distortion (THD) value (<10%) are obtained. The boost topology, through its numerous advantages, is mainly used.
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AN4077 AN4077: 100 W transition-mode PFC pre-regulator with the new L6564H 1.0 1 MB
AN4027 AN4027: 12 V - 150 W resonant converter with synchronous rectification using the L6563H, L6699 and SRK2000A 3.0 2 MB
AN4314 AN4314: 25 W wide-range high power factor buck-boost converter demonstration board using the L6564H 2.0 2 MB
AN4163 AN4163: EVL4984-350W: 350 W CCM PFC pre-regulator with the L4984D 2.0 3 MB
AN993 AN993: Electronic ballast with PFC using L6574 and L6561 10.3 1 MB
AN4250 AN4250: Fishbone diagram for power factor correction 1.1 772 KB
AN3358 AN3358: Turbo2 600 V diodes: optimized solutions for PFC and other applications 1.1 227 KB

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Ultra-fast (W series) HF - IGBTS 1.1 254 KB
Description Version Size
Brochure Power management guide 05.2016 4 MB
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Power Factor correction techniques 1.0 190 bytes