Latest server Switched Mode Power Supplies require sophisticated solutions due to the high power density handling, more than 20w/cu in, especially in the 1U to 2U sizes. STMicroelectronics provides with dedicated components for the primary and secondary stages as shown on the diagram.


Technical Documentation

Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN4338 AN4338: EVLSTNRG-170W: 170 W SMPS with digitally controlled PFC and resonant LLC stage based on the STNRG388A 2.0 3 MB
AN4689 AN4689: EVLSTNRG-1KW: 1 kW SMPS digitally controlled multiphase interleaved converter using the STNRG388A 1.1 5 MB
AN4242 AN4242: New generation of 650 V SiC diodes 1.2 2 MB

Publications and Collaterals

Description Version Size
Brochure Power management guide 05.2016 4 MB
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