Keep your car always at the right temperature



    ST, leading supplier of automotive solutions, provides a dedicated offer to drive and control the most modern heating system in the car, including:

    - seat heater
    - glow plug driver
    - cabin heater
    - windshield defroster.

    ST’s solution, based on VIPower® Zero series power stage and SPC56 32-bit Microcontroller, guarantees outstanding level of interior comfort in the car, with an accurate and efficient temperature control. Complementary devices are also available for power management and ESD protection.

    To evaluate the performance of this solution you can order one of our kits, called "Solution kits", which includes all boards needed to test our components in your application.


Featured Products

Automotive Microcontrollers

VIPower Zero Series

High side drivers 

Power management ICs

ESD Protection ICs

SPC56 32-bit B-Line MCUs

VN7007AH/ VN7007ALH (RDSon 7mΩ)

VN7004CHVN7004CLH (RDSon 4mΩ)

VN7003AHVN7003ALH (RDSon 3mΩ)


Integrated solution - Power Management SBC:

L9952/ L99PMx

or Chipset:

- Voltage regulator: L5300x/L5150x

- CAN: L9616

ESDCAN01-2BLY in SOT23-3L for  cars

ESDCAN03-2BWY  in SOT323-3L for cars

ESDCAN05-2BWY in SOT323-3L for trucks

Solution Kits


ST's solution kits include all boards you need to evaluate your application. 

By selecting one of the solution kits you'll find the SPC5 motherboard, an adapter to connect the motherboard to one of our Easyboards for high-side drivers, and the Easyboard of interest.

Solution kits  High-side driver RDS(on) typ
SL-AU-VN7007AH VN7007AH 7
SL-AU-VN7004CH VN7004CH 4
SL-AU-VN7003AH VN7003AH 3
Support Tools


TwisterSIM simulator  for VIPower M0-7 high side drivers allows to simulate load-compatibility, wiring harness optimization, fault condition impact analysis, diagnostic behavior analysis and Dynamic Thermal performance.

Here below you can see the complete list of evaluation boards included in our solution widgets:

  • Motherboard: SPC56B-Discovery for SPC56 MCU
  • Adapter Board: SPC5-EV-ADIS connected to MCU board and able to host a single VIPower board
  • VIPower boards:  EV-VN700x “Easy Boards” equipped with a dedicated Graphical User Interface