ST offers the most efficient low-power comparator circuit portfolio on the market, consuming as little as 220 nA per channel, in a variety of space-saving packages such as SOT-23 and SC-70, without sacrificing speed or precision. These attributes allow application designers to extend battery life without loss of performance, in applications where board space is at a premium.

They are also a perfect fit for applications such as window comparators or when additional hysteresis is needed.

Nanopower comparators enabling high-performance and longer operating times with smaller batteries

TS88 series of single-, dual- and quad-voltage comparators with ultra-low current consumption. The TS881 is a single-voltage comparator featuring an ultra-low supply current (210 nA typical with output high) with rail-to-rail input and output capability having a supply voltage range from 0.85 to 5.5 V.

Operating from a 1.1 to 5.5 V supply voltage, the TS882 and TS884, dual- and quad-voltage comparators respectively, also feature an ultra-low supply current (220 nA typical per operator with output high) with rail-to-rail input and output capability. These voltage comparators keep the current consumption at an ultra-low level over a wide temperature range (-40 to +125 °C).

The TS881 is available in SC70-5 and SOT23-5 packages, the TS882 in MiniSO8 and DFN8 (2 x 2 mm) packages and the TS884 in a QFN16 (3 x 3 mm) package, providing great space-savings on your PCB.

Designed to minimize battery supply leakage, the TS88 line of voltage comparators enhances battery lifetime and their performance makes them perfect for use in a wide range of portable applications. ST also offers a range of high-speed comparators included in one of the broadest portfolios of op amps and comparators.