ST offers a wide portfolio of Motor Drivers for DC, Stepper and BLDC (brushless) including sensor-less implementations all especially well-suited for the most demanding Automotive environment. The unique combination of low losses PowerMOS output stages, advanced control circuitry and full featured diagnostics and protection schemes into a single package makes them ideal for small size, light weight and reduced losses Motor Control applications.

The control circuitry enables PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control of the load, several different serial interfaces with microcontroller and communication transceivers for decentralized module application.

The set of diagnostics and protections features includes:

  • Output cross conduction protection
  • Current limitation
  • Over-temperature shutdown
  • Power Limitation
  • Over-voltage clamp
  • Under-voltage shutdown
  • Loss of Ground protection
  • Loss of VCC protection
  • Short to ground protection
  • Short to VCC protection

All the products exceed AEQC Automotive qualification.