ST has been developing and producing silicon solutions for GPS applications for 20 years, offering extensive, field-proven experience.  Our Teseo GNSS solutions enable customers to build competitive products with reduced time-to market.

Teseo III: STA8089 and STA8090 series

Teseo IIIThe new Teseo III product family creates a new state-of-the-art in positioning accuracy by building on the industry–leading performance of ST’s Teseo II single-chip satellite-tracking ICs. The new generation also leverages the Company’s investment and support for sensor fusion as found in Automotive Dead Reckoning and Assisted-GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) functions.

By adding the BeiDou satellite-tracking capabilities to existing support for all global systems, the Teseo III delivers greater accuracy and location precision in Asia and throughout the world.

The Teseo III product family is offered in two series:

  • The STA8089 series adds support for the BeiDou constellation to devices that remain pin-to-pin compatible with the Teseo II series, to enable fast customer-application migration.
  • The STA8090 series series adds a new, more efficient power-management unit, along with support for China’s BeiDou satellites. 

New firmware fuses satellite data with vehicle-sensor data for advanced 3D navigation

Teseo DrawTESEO DRAW sensor fusion firmware merges the satellite information with data from vehicle sensors such as the gyroscope, accelerometer, and wheel-speed sensors, to calculate location accurately in three dimensions including elevation. If the satellite signal is poor, TESEO DRAW compensates for the loss of accuracy, and if the signal becomes unavailable, navigation continues uninterrupted based on calculated location (dead reckoning).

With the new Teseo DRAW firmware, ST provides a unified platform comprising navigation engines, 3D positioning capability, and motion sensors. The firmware is loaded on Teseo III multi-constellation receivers.