ST offers the Cartesio application processor with embedded GPS functionality.

Cartesio (STA2062) is an application processor with embedded GPS. This system-on-chip reduces the cost of the final application by combining ARM9 host CPU capability, a high-performance 32-channel GPS correlator and a large set of peripherals and interfaces. ST's Cartesio is the solution for PND, in-vehicle navigation, telematics, advanced audio and connectivity applications.
Cartesio+ (STA2065) is the new application processor from the Cartesio family, with embedded GPS for next-generation in-car and portable navigation systems. Combining superior ARM1176 processing power and positioning accuracy with a rich set of integrated peripherals, ST’s Cartesio+ enables cost- and space-efficient navigation and infotainment applications with enhanced user experience. Cartesio+ is a scalable device available with two different feature sets.