ST offers a complete portfolio of highly integrated, state-of-the-art analog and digital devices for AM/FM reception. These satisfy the demanding needs of today's car radios in terms of world-class quality, high-end performance and optimized system cost.

The family of analog tuner ICs ranges from basic MPX-output devices (with on-chip tuning PLL and electrical alignment) to advanced systems-on-chip including world tuning capabilities, automatic dynamic IF bandwidth control (intelligent selectivity system, ISS) and full-featured audio processing (FAST family - front-end, audio processor, stereo decoder).

Reception quality is significantly improved under critical signal conditions (weak field, adjacent channels, multipath) through extensive use of digital techniques, advanced signal processing and conditioning algorithms in the new family of ST IF-sampling tuner chipsets. The digital world steps into conventional AM/FM broadcasting and raises it to new, exciting standards.

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