In-circuit debugging and in-circuit programming tools for microcontrollers

The inDART is a powerful, low-cost in-circuit debugging (ICD) and in-circuit programming (ICP) tool, developed for ST7 in partnership with Softec Microsystems™.

The inDART takes advantage of the ST7 Visual Develop (STVD7) integrated development environment and ST7 in-circuit communication (ICC) capability to deliver ICD and ICP for a wide range of ST7 Flash microcontrollers.

Hardware and software debugging features include real-time code execution, stepping and breakpoints.

The inDART offers parallel or USB connection to the host PC, depending on the model, and 10-pin ICC connection for connecting to evaluation or application board.

Key Features

  • In-circuit debugging features:
    • Source level and symbolic debugging
    • Unlimited instruction breakpoints
    • Execution control including instruction stepping
    • Advanced breakpoints on data, access type, access range, stack...(depending on model)
    • Watch variables, registers and peripherals
  • In-circuit programming features: Blank check/erase/read/verify for Flash EEPROM memory and option bytes




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DB0175 DB0175: In-circuit debugging and in-circuit programming tools for ST7 3.1 306 KB
User Manuals
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UM0357 UM0357: LITE0 exercises ST7FLITE0 inDART demo board user manual and tutorial exercices 1.5 542 KB
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