STLinux operating system

The STLinux 2.4 distribution and development environment provides all the software required to build Linux-based systems for ST-based platforms with an ARM or ST40 embedded processor.

The kernel can be ported to customer boards or used directly on ST reference platforms.

STLinux is open source, the majority is delivered in both binary and source form, making it easy to extend and enhance its capabilities for your specific platform.

New kernel-space code (such as additional device drivers) can be added. User-space applications, written in ANSI C or C++, can take advantage of the application level APIs provided by Linux.

A powerful set of cross-development tools make development easy. The tools include state-of-the-art system analysis and trace tools.

During development, STLinux supports a convenient network-based paradigm using ST Micro Connect to download the kernel, and also using NFS to mount the root file system.

Key Features

  • Open source Linux operating system, tools and development environment based on Linux 2.6 kernel technology, ported and optimized for ARM and ST40-based platforms.
  • Full set of drivers for basic system devices. STLinux is compatible with higher level driver sets such as the STAPI and STKPI drivers for A/V.
  • Full C and C++ toolsets, based on GNU compiler technology, for both native and cross development from x86 Linux PCs.
  • Full root file system with over 600 packages.
  • Das U-Boot boot loader for boot from Flash deployment.
  • On-line network update management (based on “yum”) keeps your installation up to date with the latest STLinux releases and updates.
  • On-line support and STLinux training courses available
  • STLinux software can be downloaded free of charge from the STLinux website


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DB1333 DB1333: Distribution and development environment for ARM and ST40 platforms 2.1 95 KB
Application Notes
Description Version Size
AN3440 AN3440: I²C on STLinux 1.2 92 KB
Technical Notes & Articles
Description Version Size
TN0940 TN0940: Application Trace Logger (ATL) 1.1 796 KB
TN0588 TN0588: KPTrace for STLinux 1.2 358 KB
User Manuals
Description Version Size
UM1598 UM1598: Application Trace Logger 3.0 3 MB
UM1616 UM1616: Trace intrastructure getting started 1.0 2 MB
Reference Manuals
Description Version Size
RM0327 RM0327: Multi-Target Trace API version 1.0 1.0 299 KB


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