STWORKBENCH integrated development tool

STWorkbench is a state-of-the-art integrated development tool for use with a range of ST toolsets (including ST40, ST200 and STxP70) on OS21 and on the STLinux distribution.

STWorkbench is based on EclipseTM, the industry standard development platform.

STWorkbench can either be used as an integrated development environment, or users can just use the powerful debugging, tracing and profiling features on their pre-built applications (toolset dependent).

The STWorkbench environment is enhanced to provide the features required by those working in the embedded environment, such as disassembly and register views, hardware breakpoints and integrated profiling and tracing.

STWorkbench integrates seamlessly with existing "Make" systems so that you can start working immediately.

STWorkbench includes a built-in, feature-rich editor to create code, with tools to simplify source management and maintenance.

Key Features

  • Based on Eclipse
  • Provides C/C++ support with integrated C/C++ Development Tooling
  • Customized and extended for a range of STMicroelectronics toolsets
  • Supports multi-core, multi-OS development and debugging
  • Enhanced debugging, tracing and profiling
    • integrated debugging, profiling and performance monitoring
    • Execute from Command Line feature
    • fully functional console view
  • STLinux-specific features
    • managed make and debug og STLinux applications and libraries
    • integrated kernel configuration about build
  • Source editor and project configuration features
    • can import existing make systems or use built-in make control
    • supports source control plug-ins
  • Configurable and extendable
    • appearance and layout fully configurable
    • plug-in philosophy makes extension easy
    • includes a number of useful third party plug-ins


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DB1370 DB1370: Debugging and development environment 8.0 1 MB
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RN0092 RN0092: STWorkbench for STLinux and OS21 version 8.0.0 1.0 642 KB


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