ST’s set-top box SoCs bring a world of media into your living room. Our UHD portfolio offers high-end solutions for 4K broadcast content as well as supporting internet media and operator-specific applications.

Built on ARM® architecture, our device portfolio permits easy porting of applications between platforms.

Main benefits include:

  • Powerful ARM® processing cores permitting support for 4K content, 3D graphics, gaming and a rich internet media access
  • Support for the latest decoding standards, such as HEVC
  • Compatibility with all major middlewares
  • Compatibility with all broadcast standards
  • Support for entire application platforms, from the multimedia/application CPU, to demodulation, to silicon tuners, ESD protection and all of the other electronic components – ST can support your entire design.
  • Advanced security
  • Very low power-consumption, meeting energy targets set by EnergyStar and EU standards