ST’s new FERD series of diodes facilitate the design of efficient, reliable, high power-density smart phone and tablet battery chargers, compact adapters and switched-mode power supplies.
Available in single and dual configurations from 15A to 60A and 45V, 50V and 60V ratings with more to come, they offer a unique trade-off between low forward voltage drop (VF) and low leakage current (IR). This allows designers to meet the most stringent energy-efficiency standard requirements including Energy Star 6.0 without the expense of using synchronous rectification techniques.

They are based on a patented ST technology, that achieves the best-in-class VF/IR for a given silicon surface area in three VF/IR variants:

  • 'U' optimized for Low VF
  • 'M' optimized for low IR
  • 'S' best VF/IR trade-off

A 30A device using FERD technology features a forward voltage drop reduced by about 140mV (or 25%) compared to a conventional 30A Schottky diode, without an increase of leakage current.
This electrical improvement also enables the use of smaller and more compact packages, with 40A capability in D²PAK and 30A in PowerFLAT™ 5x6 packages.