Flash drivers for SPC56 M, B, C, D and P lines

The SPC56xMBP-FLASH library is a set of API’s that enables user application to operate on the Flash module embedded on a microcontroller. The library provides all the API’s needed to initialize, program, verify, erase, blank check and to perform array integrity, ECC and factory margin read checks.

Key Features

  • Support for SPC563Mx, SPC560B/C/D/Px lines
  • Drivers released in binary c-array format to provide compiler-independent support for non-debug-mode embedded applications
  • Drivers released in s-record format to provide compiler-independent support for debug mode/JTAG programming tools
  • Each driver function is independent of each other so the end user can choose the function subset to meet their particular needs
  • Support page-wise programming for fast programming
  • Position-independent and ROM-able
  • Ready-to-use demos illustrating the usage of the driver
  • Concurrency support via callback


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
Flash drivers for SPC563Mx, SPC560B/C/D/Px lines 1.0 164 KB
User Manuals
Description Version Size
Standard software driver for C90LC Flash 2.3 949 KB


License Agreement
Description Version Size
Software license agreement 1.6 59 KB

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