iNEMO engine features multi-sensor data fusion.

The iNEMO engine sensor fusion suite is a filtering and predictive software. It uses advanced algorithms to integrate outputs from multiple MEMS sensors in a smart way, independently of environmental conditions, to reach the best performance. Real-time motion-sensor data fusion is set to significantly improve the user experience, increasing accuracy, resolution, stability and response time in advanced motion-based applications in consumer, computer, industrial and medical fields. The iNEMO engine can be combined with ST’s iNEMO inertial modules to create the industry’s first complete and customizable hardware/software multi-axis MEMS sensor solutions for enhanced motion and accurate heading recognition. Equipment manufacturers across different market segments can now easily and quickly deploy robust and reliable high-performance motion detection systems with up to 10 degrees of freedom, comprising 3-axis sensing of linear, angular, and magnetic motion with barometer/altitude readings from a pressure sensor, enabling true augmented-reality applications.


  • Absolute point tracking and motion tracking accuracy
  • Immunity to magnetic interference for high performance in real-world conditions
  • Few user-calibration interruptions, enabling innovative and longer game play
  • Reliable compass heading for accurate navigation
  • Accurate direction, enabling true augmented-reality applications