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The ST multiple NDEF records Android application for the M24SR NFC dynamic tag is a user friendly application based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that can read and write a NDEF message with multiple records having different formats such as simple Text, URL, Wi-Fi handover message, Bluetooth handover message, SMS, mail, geolocation, contacts and telephone number. NFC is a 13.56 MHz wireless technology based on ISO14443 standard which allows a communication between two devices by bringing them in close proximity.

This application can read and write different NDEF formats simultaneously on one NFC Tag by putting each format in a separate NDEF record within a single NDEF message.

Key Features

  • Support multiple NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) records in read and write modes such as following ones:
    • Simple Text
    • Web site URL / URI
    • Wi-Fi handover message: connecting with a selected Wi-Fi network using Network SSID and Network Key
    • Bluetooth handover message: showing the connection status with the selected Bluetooth device
    • SMS: sending a SMS to selected recipients
    • E-mail: sending a mail to specified email-ids
    • Geolocation: showing a geographical location on map
    • Contacts: allowing user to write a new contact
    • Telephone numbers: making a call to specified contact number


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NFC "Multiple NDEF records" application using M24SR 1.0 235 KB
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Designing an NFC "Multiple NDEF record" application using M24SR 1.0 830 KB


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