Mesh over Bluetooth Low Energy

BlueNRG-Mesh is a solution for connecting multiple BLE (Bluetooth low energy) devices in Mesh networks for IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

It enables the Bluetooth-enabled devices in powerful, integrated, range-extending Mesh networks with true two-way communication.

The solution contains the core functionality required to form a secure communication network and provides developers the flexibility they need to build applications.

The solution is compatible with the ST BlueNRG product family range.

Key Features

  • Mesh created over Bluetooth low energy(BLE) connected nodes
  • Enables communication between a BLE device and a smartphone for control and monitoring applications involving smaller packets and infrequent communication
  • Advertising packets used for data communication using managed flooding method
  • Multi-hop data transmission
  • Multiple node support addressing up to 32,767 nodes
  • Multiple communication scenario:
    • smartphone to node communication with unicast addressing
    • smartphone to node communication with broadcast addressing
    • node to node communication
  • Secure communication
    • all messages in the network are encrypted
    • protected against different types of security attacks
    • AES-CCM FIPS compliant encryption
  • Embedded SDK available
    • Demo application source code for user application development
    • Mesh implementation provided as library
    • Support for ST BlueNRG product family
  • Android SDK available
    • Demo app source code available
    • Mesh implementation provided as library
  • Supported Devices:
    • BlueNRG-1, SPBTLE-1S and BlueNRG-2
    • BlueNRG-MS(SPBTE-RF) with STM32L152RE





Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DB3397 DB3397: Mesh over Bluetooth low energy 1.0 315 KB
User Manuals
Description Version Size
UM2290 UM2290: BlueNRG Mesh Android API guide for Mesh over Bluetooth low energy 1.0 355 KB
UM2180 UM2180: Getting started with the ST BlueNRG-Mesh Android application 1.0 2 MB
UM2295 UM2295: Getting started with the ST BlueNRG-Mesh embedded firmware 1.0 5 MB
UM2361 UM2361: Getting started with the ST BlueNRG-Mesh iOS application 1.0 1 MB


License Agreement
Description Version Size
SLA0077 SLA0077: SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT ("Agreement") 2.2 126 KB

Tools and Software

STM32 Open Development Environment
Evaluation Tools
Solution Evaluation Tools

Get Software

Part Number Software Version Marketing Status Supplier
BlueNRG-Mesh for iOS Active ST GO TO SITE
BlueNRG-Mesh for Android Active ST GO TO SITE
STSW-BNRG-Mesh 1.03.000 Active ST


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