ST’s Parascan™ Tunable Integrated Capacitors (STPTIC), available with typical capacitance from 1.5 pF to 8.2 pF, are dedicated to RF tuning optimization within mobile phone applications.

The first generation of tunable capacitors (G1 devices) are controlled through a bias voltage ranging from 2 to 20 V, with a tuning ratio of 3.5 to 1.
The new series of tunable capacitances (G2 devices) are controlled through a bias voltage now ranging from 1 to 24 V and provide a tuning ratio of 5 to 1.

All devices in ST’s STPTIC family feature high-quality Parascan™ dielectric and now share a common package footprint and pin-out that allows the use of different nominal capacitances without changing the board design. They are available now in a 4-bump 0.4 mm-pitch flip-chip and 0.5 mm pitch QFN package.