Demonstration board for single op-amps in SC70 or SOT-23 packages

The STEVAL-CCA022V1 demonstration board is designed to help characterize single operational amplifiers in SOT23-5 (two different pinouts) and SC70-5 packages.

Operational amplifiers in SOT23-6 and SC70-6 packages can also be characterized but their standby pin is not usable because it is connected to VCC + on the board.

The STEVAL-CCA022V1 allows to characterize, among the others, the following op-amps (not included in the package): TS507, TSV621, TSV631, TSV911, TSV991, TS1851, TS1871, TS931, TS941, TS951, TS971, TS321.

Key Features

  • This demonstration board with its components allow it to be configured as:Low-pass Sallen-Key circuitHigh-pass Sallen-Key circuitDifferential amplifierAC-coupled circuitIn-loop compensation circuitOut-of-loop compensation circuitNumerous other possible configurations
  • RoHS Compliant




Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DB0848 DB0848: Demonstration board for single op-amps in SC70 or SOT-23 packages 1.1 116 KB

Hardware Resources

Board Manufacturing Specifications
Description Version Size
Gerber files for STEVAL-CCA022V1 board 1.0 64 KB
Bill of Materials
Description Version Size
BOM for STEVAL-CCA022V1 board 1.0 27 KB
Schematic Pack
Description Version Size
Board schematics for STEVAL-CCA022V1 board 1.0 69 KB


License Agreement
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Demo products licence agreement 3.2 22 KB
Evaluation products license agreement 1.4 128 KB
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STEVAL-CCA022V1 TSV611, TSV621, TSV631, TSV911, TSV991, TS951, TS941, TS931, TS1851, TS1871 Active 8 1 NEC EAR99 ITALY MORE INFO No availability reported, please contact our Sales office

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STEVAL-CCA022V1 ActiveCARDIndustrialEcopack2

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