Raisonance REva starter kit for STM32 MCUs, includes RLink

The Raisonance REva Starter Kits are complete, low-cost solutions for starting application development and evaluating the features of STMicroelectonics ARM® Cortex™-M3, ARM966E™ and ARM7TDMI™ core-based microcontrollers. Kits come with all the hardware and software that developers need to start developing applications, including the

REva evaluation board, microcontrollers, embedded RLink JTAG in-circuit debugger/programmer and Raisonance Integrated Development Environment (RIDE).

The REva starter kits are available for a full range of 32-bit and 8-bit microcontrollers.

For more information, refer to the microcontrollers support site on www.st.com.

Key Features

  • Raisonance software toolset with:
    • GNU C compiler
    • RIDE integrated development environment
    • High-level language debugger, editor, project manager and SIMICE simulator
    • RFlasher dedicated programming interface
  • Embedded RLink in-circuit debugger/programmer with USB interface to host PC and 20-pin JTAG application interface
  • Unlimited programming of the target device
  • Debugging of applications with debug code limitation up to 64 Kbytes
  • Interchangeable daughterboards featuring different target microcontrollers allowing development of applications for a wide range of ST microcontrollers
  • REva universal evaluation motherboard with:
    • One standard SO-DIMM connector to plug in interchangeable daughterboards.
    • Digital and analog I/O evaluation features, including on-board LEDs, buttons, switches, external analog connector, temperature sensor and potentiometer
    • I²C EEPROM and bus
    • RS-232 driver and 2 DB9 connectors
    • Prototyping area
    • VDD settings for 1.8V, 3.3V and 5V
    • USB powered, no external power required




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DB0206 DB0206: Raisonance REva starter kits for ST ARM core-based microcontrollers 8.1 138 KB

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STM3210B-SK/RAIS NRND 209 1 With STM32F103RB (128KB flash) MCU device NEC 3A991A2 - MORE INFO No availability reported, please contact our Sales office

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