ST has launched an ambitious diversification strategy to further expand its technology portfolio, introducing a wide range of photonic sensors bringing unprecedented ranging accuracy to the market. The 1st device, VL6180X  is offered in a module that integrates ambient light sensing (ALS) as well as the lighting source used by the proximity sensing algorithm, thus greatly easing product integration.

This product offering heralds the arrival of FlightSense™, ST’s Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology. ST has successfully industrialized this complex technology by using a standard and mature in-house imaging process and an in-house, high-volume packaging solution. This makes this advanced technology appropriate for a wide range of consumer applications, with competitive system cost, a very small package footprint and low power consumption.

FlightSense™ product family opens up a host of use cases, with the first product able to demonstrate accurate proximity detection fully independent of the target surface.

As a pioneer of optical navigation, with hundreds of millions of LED and laser mice sensors sold since 2002, ST has capitalized on this experience and provides optical finger navigation solutions, with standalone sensors or integrated into full modules with optics and LEDs.

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