ST’s application-specific EEPROMs offer additional features compared to standard EEPROMs:

  • In order to fulfill the serial presence detect (SPD) function used in high-speed memory modules conforming to the JEDEC specifications, the M34E02 (a 2-Kbit I²C serial EEPROM) can store all configuration parameters of the DRAM module. The set temporary write protection, reset temporary write protection and set permanent write protection are special commands acting as protection for the first half of the memory.
  • For applications requiring fast write operation, the M35B32 (a 32-Kbit SPI serial EEPROM) can save and store up to 256 bytes of data in less than 1 ms (versus 5 ms for standard EEPROM). Faster completion of write operation reduces the time during which the system is halted. Additionally, a small capacitor is sufficient for the M35B32 to store data in case of an unexpected power loss. 
  • IBIS and Verilog models are available in Design Resources for all products

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