ST’s automotive serial EEPROM portfolio offers a complete range of products designed for high reliability. All products are qualified according to AEC-Q100 standards and are PPAP compliant. Automotive EEPROM products are tested with a high-reliability certified flow (HRCF) in order to meet highest quality requirements for automotive and other high-reliability applications.

Advanced and legacy automotive serial EEPROM products up to 1 Mbit are available in 3 standard serial bus types (SPI, I²C, Microwire).                                                             

Gain time and robustness using our IBIS & Verilog models.


Advanced automotive EEPROM features additional lockable & identification page

On both SPI and I2C bus Advanced Automotive products provides enhanced data protection. With a specific set of instructions read/write/lock you can store sensitive data like traceability, serial number, customer unique ID…

When you don’t need any more to lock the information you can cancel it and it frees space for more data.

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