• SPI, I²C, Microwire bus, 1 Kbit to 2 Mbits
  • A125 for -40°C to 125°C temperature range in SO8N, TSSOP8, WFDFPN8
  • A145 for -40°C to 145°C temperature range in TSSOP8

World’s First Automotive-Qualified 2-Mbit SPI EEPROM

Sensing needs and adaptive algorithms accelerate the multiplication of parameters in automotive modules making EEPROM the ideal choice for flexible non-volatile parameter management. The new 2-Mbit M95M02-A125 further extends designers' possibilities:

  • Fast parameter loading at power-up with 10MHz SPI interface at 105°C
  • Convenient event recording with fast 5ms storage time for a 256-byte page
  • Real-time monitoring with 4 Million erase / write cycles per byte and more than 100 Million cycles per device
  • Low power consumption and proven quality and reliability in all automotive modules

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