32 Kbit SPI bus Serial EEPROM, 256-byte page, fast programming

The M35B32 is a 32-Kbit electrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM) accessed through the SPI bus.

The M35B32 is able to save and store up to 256 bytes within a very short time with the help of the Event sector, this feature being convenient in cases of an unexpected power loss or if an urgent data storage is required. The fast storage is performed with a very low energy budget as the Program time lasts less than 1 ms and as the supply voltage can be as low as 2.5 V associated with a low Programming current (the M35B32 is based on EEPROM cells, energy-saving technology when compared to the Flash technology).

Key Features

  • SPI bus compatible serial interface
  • 32 Kbit of EEPROM divided into two sectors:
    • Data sector
    • Event sector
  • Large page size: 256 bytes
  • Fast programming:
    • Event sector: 256 bytes programmed in less than 1 ms
    • Data sector: 256 bytes written in less than 5 ms
  • Low energy EEPROM in either Read, Write, Program or Erase modes
  • 2.5 V to 5.5 V single supply voltage
  • Operating temperature range:
  • – 40°C to +85°C
  • – 40°C to +125°C
  • Operating frequency, fC = 20 MHz
  • Electronic signature: 20 10 0Ch
  • Data cycling:
    • Data sector: more than 1 Million write cycles
    • Event sector: more than 10 000 write cycles
  • Data retention:
    • Data sector: more than 40 years’ data retention
    • Event sector: 1 year


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DS7084 DS7084: 32 Kbit, 256-byte page, fast program EEPROM memory accessed by SPI bus interface 4.0 627 KB
Technical Notes & Articles
Description Version Size
TN1171 TN1171: Description of UFDFPN5, UFDFPN8 and WFDFPN8 for STMicroelectronics EEPROMs and recommendations for use 3.0 574 KB
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Part Number Package Operating Temperature (°C) (min) Operating Temperature (°C) (max) Packing Type Marketing Status Unit Price (US$) * Quantity ECCN (EU) ECCN (US) Country of Origin More info Order from ST Order from Distributors
M35B32-WMC6TG UFDFPN8 -40 85 Tape And Reel Active 0.68 1000 NEC EAR99 - MORE INFO
M35B32-WDW6TP TSSOP8 -40 85 Tape And Reel NRND 0.63 1000 NEC EAR99 - MORE INFO

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Quality & Reliability

Part Number Marketing Status Package Grade RoHS Compliance Grade Material Declaration**
M35B32-WMN6TP ActiveSO8IndustrialEcopack2 0
M35B32-WMC6TG ActiveUFDFPN8IndustrialEcopack2
M35B32-WDW6TP NRNDTSSOP8IndustrialEcopack2

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