STM32L0 series of ultra-low-power MCUs

The STM32L0 series has been carefully optimized to achieve an outstandingly low power consumption level. The result is a genuine Ultra-Low-Power MCU with record breaking performances.

The exclusive combination of an ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core and STM32 ultra-low-power features, makes the STM32L0 the best fit for applications operating on battery or supplied by energy harvesting and the world’s lowest power consumption MCU at 125°C. The STM32L0 MCUs have scored 135 in the standardized EEMBC™ ULPBench® tests that compare the efficiency of ultra-low-power microcontrollers.

The STM32L0 offers dynamic voltage scaling, an ultra-low-power clock oscillator, LCD interface, comparator, DAC, True Random Number Generation and hardware encryption (AES-128).

New autonomous peripherals (including USART, I²C, touch sense controller) reduce the load of the ARM Cortex-M0+ core leading to fewer CPU wakeups and contribute to decreased processing time and power consumption.

Other value-added features such as 16-bit ADC (HW oversampling), crystal-less USB, short wake-up time and communication peripherals capable of operating in ultra-low-power mode make up for an unrivaled tradeoff between feature integration, performance and ultra-low-energy consumption.

Memory wise, the STM32L0 is available from 8 Kbytes up to 64 Kbytes of Flash, up to 20 Kbytes of RAM and up to 6 Kbytes of TRUE embedded EEPROM (no emulation needed).

Package wise the Series is available from 14-pin package up to 100 pins including various space-saving WLCSP package available on 25, 36 or 49-pin count.

Current consumption reference values:

  • Dynamic run mode: down to 85μA/MHz
  • Ultra-low-power mode + full RAM + low power timer:350 nA (16 wakeup lines)
  • Ultra-low-power mode + backup register: 230 nA (3 wakeup pins)
  • Wake-up time: 3.5 µs
  • I/O leakage: < 10nA