Advanced CV/CC secondary controller

The SEA05 is a highly integrated solution for SMPS applications requiring a dual control loop to perform CV (constant voltage) and CC (constant current) regulation.

The device integrates a voltage reference, two opamps (with OR-ed open-drain outputs), and a lowside current sensing circuit.

The voltage reference, along with one op-amp, is the core of the voltage control loop; the current sensing circuit and the other op-amp make up the current control loop.

The external components needed to complete the two control loops are: a resistor divider that senses the output of the power supply and fixes the voltage regulation setpoint at the specified value; a sense resistor that feeds the current sensing circuit with a voltage proportional to the dc output current; this resistor determines the current regulation setpoint and must be adequately rated in terms of power dissipation; the frequency compensation components (R-C networks) for both loops.

The device, housed in one of the smallest available package, is ideal for space-shrunk applications such as adapters and chargers.

Key Features

  • Open-drain output stage
  • Current sense threshold: 50 mV
  • SOT23-6L micro package
  • Constant voltage and constant current control
  • Low quiescent consumption: 200 µA
  • Wide operating VCC range [3.5 - 36] V
  • Voltage control loop accuracy +/- 0.5%
  • Low external component count
  • Voltage reference: 2.5 V


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DS6685 DS6685: Advanced constant voltage and constant current controller 1.1 255 KB
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TA0308 TA0308: Reducing the total no-load power consumption of battery chargers and adapter applications 1.3 100 KB
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SEA05TR ActiveSOT23-6LIndustrialEcopack2 0 0

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