Switch-mode Single Cell Li+ Battery Charger with OTG Boost, Voltage Mode Fuel Gauge and LDO

The STBCFG01 is a switching battery charger integrating the necessary functions to charge single cell Li-Ion batteries, monitor the battery charge and generate 5 V to supply USB OTG bus powered devices.

The IC also integrates the LDO regulator to support system boot in dead battery conditions.

The battery charger features a smart input current limit: the maximum input current can be selected through I²C and if the input voltage drops below a programmable threshold, the input current is reduced even if the selected maximum current limit has not been reached yet. The dynamic input current limit can be disabled.

An automatic input pre-bias load makes the device suitable for applications using voltage sources with a minimum external load for the right regulation.

The STBCFG01 also integrates a voltage mode fuel gauge to provide the state of charge evaluation without the current sensing resistor.

Key Features

  • High efficiency switching battery charger
    • 2 MHz or 3 MHz switching frequency
    • 1.2 A max. charging current
    • 20 V tolerant input with OVP
    • Programmable input current limitation and dynamic input current limit
    • Battery overvoltage protection
    • Auto-recharge
    • Integrated current sensing resistor
    • USB compatible
  • Voltage mode fuel gauge
    • External sensing resistor is not needed
    • Battery swap detection through ID resistor
    • Low battery voltage and low SOC programmable alarms
  • 50 mA LDO for system boot in dead battery condition
  • USB OTG VBUS generation (500 mA)
    • USB overvoltage protection
    • Programmable battery overcurrent protection
  • Automatic 60 mA input pre-bias
  • I²C compatible control interface
  • Interrupt output pin
  • Flip Chip package, 25 bumps (2.3 x 2.2 mm)


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DS10380 DS10380: Switch mode single cell Li+ battery charger with OTG boost, voltage mode fuel gauge and LDO 3.0 1 MB

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Linear and Switching Voltage Regulators Selection Guide 3.0 370 KB
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Brochure Power management guide 09.2017 3 MB

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