ST’s intelligent high-side switches provide one or more channel bipolar/MOSFET output switches to drive inductive, capacitive or resistive loads. Diagnostics for CPU feedback and extensive use of electrical protection features make these devices inherently indestructible and suitable for industrial applications. These devices operate over a wide range of voltages: from +5.5 up to +50 V.

ISO8200B: the first intelligent power switch with galvanic isolation on chip

ISO8200B is the first ST intelligent power switch to embed galvanic isolation, thus providing excellent performances in terms of compactness and robustness of the final application, capable of withstanding the highest voltage ratings.

Furthermore, the ISO8200B provides:

  • Best-in-class communication immunity to external EMC noise
  • Synchronization of up to 8 external devices per chip
  • Unprecedented low RDS(on) and reduced power dissipation

The device withstands extended temperatures, making it the ideal solution for industrial automation applications such as programmable logic controllers, and computer digital control machines.