ST's monolithic buck switching regulators offer input voltage capability up to 55 V and deliver output currents up to 4 A with high switching frequency.  They enable simple, efficient and cost-effective solutions for driving high-brightness LEDs. They also feature dedicated circuitry for dimming.

LED5000 - Wide brightness control and high design flexibility

The LED5000 is a monolithic buck switching regulator specifically designed to drive long LED strings with an input voltage range from 5.5 to 48 V, an output current up to 3 A and a very low feedback voltage (200 mV).

It embeds high-performance PWM circuitry for LED brightness. The highest design flexibility is given by the possibility to implement other topologies such as buck-boost (positive or negative) or floating boost

Key benefits:

  • High precision dimming capability
  • High design flexibility

Main applications

  • Automotive LED lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Halogen bulb replacement

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