ST’s high-voltage drivers are designed to optimize vector motor drive systems and feature excellent performance at high switching frequency and smart shutdown to protect the final application.
The smartDRIVETM IGTB and MOSFET drivers integrate a comparator for protection, an operational amplifier for current sensing and an integrated bootstrap diode, thus reducing the number of external components required at system level.

Powerful, rugged, and efficient: Get more power in smaller packages with STDRIVE

ST's new STDRIVE family of half-bridge MOSFET and IGBT gate drivers are designed to operate in harsh industrial environments withstanding high voltages up to 600 V, while maintaining good noise immunity and low switching losses.

L6491, L6494, and L6498 high-voltage half-bridge gate drivers are particularly suited for medium- and high-capacity power switches thanks to their sink/source current capability up to 4 A.

An integrated bootstrap diode and comparator for fast protection against over-current and over-temperature conditions, as well as an independent UVLO protection circuit, make the application's PCB design simpler and more compact in addition to helping to reduce the overall bill of material.