ST’s 900 to 1300 V IGBTs supply a maximum collector current ranging from 3 A up to 40 A for applications with an operating frequency up to 100 kHz. Versions are also available with a tailored built-in anti-parallel diode for design optimization. This voltage range is achieved with ST’s proprietary standard punch-through PowerMESH technology and the newly introduced trench-gate field-stop technology.

Target applications for these 900 to 1300 V IGBTs include motor control, induction heating, photovoltaics, UPS, welding and lighting. The available package options are D2PAK, DPAK, IPAK, TO-220, TO-220FP, TO-247, TO-247 long leads, TO-3P.

1200 V trench-gate field-stop IGBT M series

Optimized for hard-switching applications up to 20 kHz, the M series of 1200 V IGBTs combines the industry’s best trade-off between conduction and switching-off energy with outstanding robustness and EMI behavior for more efficient and reliable industrial motor drives, solar inverters, UPS and welding equipment. Based on the third generation of trench-gate field-stop technology, the devices also benefit from improved efficiency at turn-on thanks to a latest-generation co-packaged fast recovery anti-parallel diode which also features enhanced softness.

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