With a 950 to 1050 V breakdown voltage, MDmesh DK5 MOSFETs are ST’s first very-high voltage fast recovery diode series. They feature a very low gate charge, as low as 45 nC, and the industry’s best reverse recovery time (trr) of 250 ns (typ.), making them ideal for ZVS LLC resonant converters in high-power applications such as industrial welders, plasma generators, high-frequency induction melting/heating and X-ray machines.
Thanks to the industry’s lowest on-resistance (RDS(on)) of 0.12 Ω (VGS = 10 V, ID = 23 A ) and excellent ruggedness, the MDmesh DK5 MOSFET series is also suitable for hard switching topologies.
MDmesh DK5 MOSFETs are available in a wide range of through-hole and SMD power packages including long-lead TO-247 and ISOTOP packages.

Main characteristics:

  • Industry’s best Qg (45 nC) among fast diode MOSFETs
  • Lowest reverse recovery charge (250 ns typ.) among VHV fast diode MOSFETs
  • Industry’s lowest RDS(on) (0.12 Ω in Max247 and ISOTOP packages)
  • Extremely good Coss/Ciss profiles