ST’s 600 W transient voltage suppressor (TVS), or Transil™, series supports applications such as solar inverters, set-top boxes, MOSFET protection, industrial control, telecom base stations and power over Ethernet (PoE).

They offer:

  • The absolute best-in-class performance at full power even with high junction temperatures, easily outperforming our competitors, and enabling a 600 W device housed in SMA package
  • Peak power dissipation of up to 600 W
  • Ability to lower the cost by replacing a higher power SMCJ (1500 W) series device from an alternative source due to better power density
  • More robust or smaller packages can be selected to optimize space savings
  • Axial (DO-15) and SMD (SMA and SMB) packaging, resulting in assembly flexibility and offering drop-in replacements of industry standard packages

Cost and service performance is guaranteed due to ST’s high-volume production capacity, integrated front-end and multiple back-end lines, as well as partnerships with major subcontractors.