ST’s clamping arrays support many applications such as smartphones, audio accessories, set-top boxes, glucose meters, metering, and home gateways, to name just a few.

They are available in a wide range of packages and include:

  • The smallest single-line packages available on the market, such as 0402
  • The smallest 2-5 multi-line full range packages
  • They also offer robustness and high clamping capability providing the most efficient overvoltage protection. The capacitance is available from standard to ultra low to meet specific application requirements.

Cost and service performance is guaranteed due to ST’s high-volume production capacity, integrated front-end and multiple back-end lines, as well as partnerships with major subcontractors.

New µQFN 4-line ESD arrays

ST’s new 4-line ESD protection arrays are housed in the new 0.8 mm x 1 mm µQFN–4L package. They address audio signals with the ESDALC5-4BN4 (bidirectional, 15 pF), logic signals with the ESDALC6-4N4 (unidirectional, 9.5 pF), and signals into the GHz range with the ESDAVLC8-4BN4 (bidirectional, 4.5 pF). This new N4 package offers significant PC-board space reduction, simplifies layout and helps rationalize the BOM and procurement, thus greatly contributing to cost savings.