ST's ultrasound pulser family includes octal/quad ultrasound pulser ICs for medical imaging and non-destructive test applications. Our latest device, the STHV800 ultrasound pulser IC, is a highly-integrated octal ultrasound pulser IC which simplifies designs for ultrasound equipment and reduces the cost and size of ultrasound imaging machines.

ST proprietary BCD6-SOI and BCD8-SOI process technologies enable the combination of low-voltage CMOS logic, precise analog circuitry, and robust power stages on the same chip, offering unprecedented level of integration.

The pulse transmitters comprise a controller logic interface circuit, level translators, MOSFET gate drivers, noise blocking diodes and high-power P-channel and N-channel MOSFETs as output stage for each channel, clamping-to-ground circuitry, anti-leakage, anti-memory effect block, thermal sensor and lastly the integrated T/R switch which guarantees a strong decoupling during transmission phase.

Typical applications:

•       Medical ultrasound imaging

•       Point-of-care ultrasound imaging

•       Non-destructive testing equipment

•       Pulse waveform generator

•       Sonar and radar systems

•       Other piezoelectric, capacitive or MEMS transducers

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