High-temperature thyristors, or silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCR), are designed for all modes of control found in applications such as overvoltage crowbar protection, motor control circuits in power tools and kitchen aids, inrush current-limiting circuits, capacitive discharge ignition and voltage regulation circuits.

High-Tj SCRs are perfectly suited for automotive stationary battery charger, uninterruptible power supply, industrial power supply, motorbike voltage regulator and motor drive applications. Their voltage robustness up to 1200 V, high noise immunity and power dissipation performance at 150 °C Tj are key features for functions such as AC switches, AC phasing inverters, and AC-DC controlled rectifier bridges.

ST's high-temperature SCRs feature:
• a very low gate-triggering current (600 V SCRs only)
• a peak off-state voltage (blocking voltage) from 600 V up to 1200 V
• a maximum on-state current from 12 A to 50 A
• a maximum junction temperature of 150°C

They are available in SMD and through-hole-isolated and non-isolated packages.